Biomass Yearly Productions and Anomalies over West Africa from 1999 to 2020 : Raster version

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Source Action Contre la Faim Surveillance West Africa
Date of Dataset January 01, 1999-December 31, 2020
Updated 31 March 2021
Expected Update Frequency Every year

BioGenerator uses Dry Matter Productivity DMP product retrieved from SPOT-VGT and PROBA-V and distributed by VITO to compute annual biomass production anomalies over Sahel.

Caveats / Comments

This is a gridded (1km) dataset of annual biomass production (Dry Matter Productivity) in West Africa from 1999 to the present. The data includes a mean, comprising of the average production from 1999 to the present. Each pixel value is expressed in kilogrammes of dry matter per hectare (kg/ha). The data is produced from 10-day images of DMP and NDVI from SPOT-VEGETATION 4&5 and PROBA-V satellites. The dekdal images are processed by The Flemish Institute of Technology (VITO). The yearly dataset is produced by Action contre la Faim using the BioGenerator software. More information on th BioGenerator is available here:

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