Dataviz Gallery

    Libya HNO
    This data visualization presents the people in need by mantika and sector in Libya from the year 2018 until 2022. The underlying data for this visualization is sourced from the United Nations for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in collaboration with humanitarian partners in Libya.
    Updated on 21 December 2021 DATA
    Sudan 3W
    OCHA Sudan 3W Mapping
    A mapping of Humanitarian agencies response in Sudan. The Visualization shows humanitarian organization's Sector activities at locality level.
    Updated on 10 December 2021 DATA
    Data Grid
    Overview of Data Grids
    The Data Grid places the most important crisis data into six categories and several sub-categories. Relevant data is included in the Data Grid if it is sub-national, in a common format, and timely.
    Updated on 2 December 2021 DATA
    A Race to Adapt: The Climate Crisis in the Sahel
    A Chadian girl’s daily journey to collect water illustrates how the climate crisis is affecting her community.
    Updated on 6 October 2021 DATA
    IATI COVID-19 Funding Insights
    Here, we offer a few insights about the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and about how organizations are using IATI to share their data. The visuals in this story show a snapshot of data as of 15 September 2021, and all amounts are in US dollars.
    Updated on 6 October 2021 DATA
    COVID-19 Data Explorer
    The Centre for Humanitarian Data's Covid-19 data explorer pulls data from over 20 sources to help understand the progress of coronavirus and its impact on already vulnerable people in 63 countries that have a refugee or humanitarian operation.
    Updated on 6 October 2021 DATA
    IATI COVID-19 Dashboard
    The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a global effort to improve the transparency of development and humanitarian resources and their results to address poverty and crises. This page allows you to explore all of the published IATI data that is related to the coronavirus pandemic by examining the commitments and spending made by or to a specific organization, recipient country or region, or sector..
    Updated on 6 October 2021 DATA
    Displaced in Yemen
    A Journey of 462 Kilometres by a family in Yemen in search of safety. Follow Musa and his family as they travel from Al Hudaydah to Aden, in search of safety.
    Updated on 6 October 2021 DATA
    Cambodia 4W Flood Response
    Cambodia 4W Flood Response visual shows organization location presence and activities done by the organizations on the ground
    Updated on 6 October 2021 DATA