Ukraine - Subnational Population Statistics

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Source State Statistics Service of Ukraine
Date of Dataset March 07, 2019-March 07, 2019
Updated March 7, 2019
Expected Update Frequency Every year
Methodology Census
Caveats / Comments

No population statistics are available for following rayons and city councils as the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, Ukraine, temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation as per the UN General Assembly Resolution 73/263:

UKR01204 Bakhchysaraiskyi UKR01207 Bilohirskyi UKR01211 Dzhankoiskyi UKR01216 Kirovskyi UKR01220 Krasnohvardiiskyi UKR01223 Krasnoperekopskyi UKR01227 Leninskyi UKR01231 Nyzhnohirskyi UKR01235 Pervomaiskyi UKR01239 Rozdolnenskyi UKR01243 Sakskyi UKR01247 Simferopolskyi UKR01252 Sovietskyi UKR01256 Chornomorskyi UKR01119 Yaltynska UKR01117 Sudatska UKR01116 Feodosiiska UKR01115 Armianska UKR01114 Sakska UKR01113 Krasnoperekopska UKR01112 Kerchenska UKR01109 Yevpatoriiska, UKR01106 Dzhankoiska, UKR01103 Alushtynska, UKR01101Simferopolska

No residents are in Pripyat city (UKR 32100 Kyivska) since it has been abandoned since 1986. (page5, table 5)

Lymanskyi rayon, Donetska oblast UKR14230 has no population data as the population of the rayon is calculated within Lymanska miska rada(Lymanska miska rada, village and urban village councils merged with Lymanska miska rada according to the decree of Donetska oblast council as of 23.07.2016).

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