Nepal - CFP-Reconstruction and Protection survey September 2017

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    Updated: 1 June 2018

    This data is collected from the survey conducted in 14 earthquake affected district in Nepal in September 2017. Total of 2100 respondent were interviewed.

    All VDCs in the 14 priority affected districts in which 60 percent or more of the households are eligible for the housing reconstruction grant will be considered part of the survey’s operating area, and eligible for random selection. The population of each district will be considered the total population of all eligible VDCs, as per the 2011 census. The first 2000 samples of the survey will then be distributed by district proportionally. The remaining 100 surveys will be allocated to districts where the total proportional sample size is under 100 respondents, in order to boost the population for an adequate district level analysis of the findings. The number of VDCs selected in each district will vary, depending upon the number of samples allocated to each district. Each VDC will have a minimum of two wards sampled, and each ward a minimum of 10 surveys completed. Both VDCs and wards will be randomly selected from the list of eligible VDCs. Twenty-ve percent of the total sample will be allocated for municipalities, and municipalities will be randomly selected where there is more than one municipality in a district. In municipalities a minimum of three wards will be sampled, with a minimum of 10 surveys collected per ward.

Source Inter Agency Common Feedback Project Nepal (CFP)
Date of Dataset September 17, 2017-September 30, 2017
Updated 1 June 2018
Expected Update Frequency Never
Methodology Sample Survey
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