HAP Shelter Cluster Response Evaluation - Household Dataset

Following the completion of shelter activities outlined in the Humanitarian Action Plan (HAP) and the beginning of the transition from the emergency phase to longer term preparedness / recovery programming, the Shelter Cluster redeployed the baseline assessment team in August 2015 in order to conduct a detailed evaluation of the shelter response. The overall objective of the evaluation was to inform 1) an evaluation of the effectiveness of the shelter operational response detailed in the humanitarian action plan (2) identify barriers to recovery.

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Source Global Shelter Cluster
Date of Dataset Aug 17, 2015 - Sep 04, 2015
Expected Update Frequency Every three months
Methodology Sample Survey
Caveats / Comments

The overall confidence level of 90% and the margin of error of 10% correspond to indicators which are calculated from the full sample at the island / site level. Any findings calculated based on specific sub-sets of the population invariably have a lower confidence level. As such, findings calculated on this basis should only be considered as indicative.