Disaster Ninja app for humanitarian mapping teams

Submitted by Darafei Praliaskouski

When a disaster strikes, humanitarian mapping teams do their best to quickly and accurately map the affected area, providing the missing details about roads, buildings, shelters, and other objects. One particular challenge coordinators face is choosing the area that needs to be mapped, while balancing out the number of volunteers, the size of the affected area, and the disaster response timeframe.

That's where Kontur was able to offer a shortcut. Utilizing the capabilities of Kontur's platform, we built Disaster Ninja - an interactive dashboard that presents the event's details and all available datasets in a succinct, visual form. This helps mapping teams save precious time and get the essential information in the hands of those who need it faster.

Custom global population dataset we've built for Disaster Ninja is shared with everyone on HDX: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/kontur-population-dataset