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    Last updated on September 11, 2019
    Data from the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) humanitarian cluster in Guinea.
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    Updated September 30, 2015 | Dataset date: Oct 5, 2015
    This dataset updates: Every three months
    (English description follows.) Rapports sur les activités de formation des travailleurs de la santé de première ligne dans les établissements sanitaires en Guinée, rapportés par les partenaires de la cluster «prévention des infections» (PCI). Voir aussi la base de données [Guinea healthcare master data] (https://data.hdx.rwlabs.org/dataset/guinea-healthcare-master-data), qui contient les données de référence de base utilisées ici. Voir aussi les liens vers des tableaux de bord, le modèle de tableurs, et le mode d'emploi dans la galerie. (Voir la description française ci-dessus.) Reports on safety training activities for front-line health workers at facilities in Guinea, submitted by the implementing organisations within the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) cluster. See also the Guinea healthcare master data dataset, which contains the base reference data used here. See also the links to dashboards, the reporting template, and usage instructions in the gallery.
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    Updated September 3, 2015 | Dataset date: Jul 4, 2015
    This dataset updates: Every year
    World-readable Google Sheet with geographical master data for Guinea, including ADM1/2/3 p-codes and links to GeoJSON shape files. HXL tagged. Also includes list of known Guinea health facilities, a list of IPC partner organisations, and code lists for sector (public/private) and infection-control training type. Used by the Guinea health facility training activities dataset.