• Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL)

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    Last updated on 26 February 2020
    Multi-organisation humanitarian data standards initiative.
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    Updated 26 February 2020 | Dataset date: November 27, 2017-November 27, 2017
    This dataset updates: Every year
    Schemas describing the core HXL hashtags and attributes. Starting with version 1.1, the standards documentation listing HXL hashtags and attributes at hxlstandard.org is generated directly from this dataset. See the documentation on the HXL schema format , and the HXL Proxy validation service. Note that this is just a generic default schema—you can also create your own, project-specific HXL schemas.
  • 100+ Downloads
    Updated 30 October 2019 | Dataset date: November 30, 2017-November 30, 2017
    This dataset updates: As needed
    Master dataset for resolving HXL "+v" attributes, first introduced in release 1.1. To request new entries or changes to existing ones, please send a message to the public HXL mailing list.