Regional Assessment on the Situation and Needs of Older Persons on the Move in the Americas, 2020

Source HelpAge International, UNHCR
Date of Dataset October 26, 2020-November 27, 2020
Updated 11 October 2021
Expected Update Frequency Never

Unit of Analysis: Older people (over 60 years old)
Sampling Procedure: The purpose of this assessment is to establish a consolidated body of knowledge on the guarantee of rights, needs, and services that cover older persons (over 60 years old) on the move in Latin America, particularly in Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Given the existing limitations in determining the universe of older persons in the human mobility flows of interest, this assessment was not based on a statistically representative sample design. Nonetheless, it is considered that the breadth and quality of the information obtained serves to reflect the main trends in terms of the guarantee of rights and provision of services to older persons on the move. Data was gathered via telephone and online surveys. The telephone surveys took place between 26 October and 27 November 2020. Among the contacts provided by UNCHR, associates and field partners, an initial database of 2,876 older persons in the five countries was consolidated; of these, the survey enumerators called 1,325 persons, of whom 772 accepted to participate. After debugging, 725 surveys were included in the analysis, i.e., those that met the criteria for completing the survey and had the respondent's consent on the use of the information.
Data Collection Mode: Telephone interview

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