Myanmar - Subnational Population Statistics

This dataset can be viewed in the  Myanmar Data Grid 
Source UNFPA, Department of Population (DOP), MIMU
Date of Dataset August 25, 2022-October 03, 2022
Updated 25 August 2022
Expected Update Frequency Every year
Methodology Census
Caveats / Comments

Users should be aware of the non-standard MIMU Pcode version 9.3 structure.
The ADM2 schema is MMRnnnDmmm The ADM3 schema is MMRnnnppp The ADM1 MMRnnn component is consistent between ADM2 and ADM3 but the Dmmm component of ADM2 is not reflected in ADM3.

Users may wish to note that there are two pairs of duplicated ADM3 place names: "Minhla" [MMR008009] is in ADM2 feature "Thayarwady" [MMR "Minhla" [MMR009013] is in ADM2 feature "Thayet" [MMR009D002] "Htantabin" [MMR007014] is in ADM2 feature "Taungoo" "Htantabin" [MMR013006] is in ADM2 feature "Yangon (North)"

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