Zambia: Languages

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Source Translators without Borders
Date of Dataset December 31, 2010-December 31, 2010
Updated 6 February 2020
Expected Update Frequency As needed
Methodology Census
Caveats / Comments

Literacy data at admin 2 level is only available for the 5+ category. Admin 1 and 0 also includes data for the sometimes preferable 15+ category. The methodology by which illiteracy was measured is unknown. All data is drawn from government census results and is subject to any associated limitations or distortions present in the source data. Additionally, admin 2 data is based on census microdata and is subject to the sample methodology employed. Some dialects and languages collected separately as part of the 2010 census have been combined into single languages in this data, as per current linguistic convention. See the fourth column of the language data table below for detail of these changes. Language shares below 0.1% of an area population have been discarded. As a result, languages may not be present at higher administrative levels. All decimal values have been rounded to a maximum of 3 decimal places.

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