Chad - SENS in Refugee Camps and Host Villages in South Chad and the Lac Region 2019

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Source United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, , , ,
Date of Dataset December 18, 2018-February 15, 2019
Updated 4 July 2021
Expected Update Frequency Never

Kind of Data: Sample survey data [ssd]
Unit of Analysis: Households, and children (0-59 months) and women (15-49 years) within the households
Sampling Procedure: The type of sampling chosen for this cross-sectional survey is the two-stage cluster sampling because of the geographic and demographic size of the surveyed camps. The first step corresponds to the choice of clusters and the second to the one of households.

For the first step, the selection of the clusters was made from the figures available by zone or block using the software ENA for SMART, version 2011 (July 2015). The software has been set up so that this selection is done according to the probability proportional to size method for each zone to ensure that each household has the same chance of being investigated within the camp, whether it is part of a large or small area.

For the second step, the households in each cluster to be surveyed will be selected by the team leaders using a systematic draw (calculation of a probing step) according to the size of each zone.

The chosen methodology is based on the UNHCR-SENS guidelines whose sampling rules are themselves derived from the SMART methodology.
Data Collection Mode: Computer Assisted Personal Interview [capi]

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