Rapid Needs Assessment Idleb and Surrounding Areas August 2018

Idleb governorate and the surrounding opposition-held areas of western Aleppo and north-western Hama governorates* host one of the largest IDP populations in Syria. Since late 2017, following an escalation of violence in north-western and southern Syria, the region has witnessed the further arrival of a substantial number of IDPs. Large cross-line displacements from Eastern Ghouta, northern Homs and southern Hama, as well as Da'ra and Quneitra governorates, beginning in March 2018, have led to a significant increase of the IDP population in the region and to a growing strain on resources and services in the region. While humanitarian assistance is reaching both IDP and resident populations, major gaps remain. In order to address such gaps, REACH has conducted a needs assessment to inform humanitarian actors of IDP and resident populations' priority needs and to address critical information gaps on the humanitarian conditions of IDPs and residents living in communities in the region. This data set provides the findings from this assessment.

Findings presented in this data set are based on data collected by REACH as part of a needs assessment focused on IDP and resident populations living in communities of Idleb governorate and surrounding areas. Data was collected in 362 communities across 30 sub-districts between 12 and 20 August 2018. Data was collected at the community level, with enumerators interviewing between 2 and 7 key informants (KIs) per community and with KIs selected based on their knowledge of IDP and resident populations in the community and sector-specific expertise. Communities were assessed based on available data on total populations, focusing on those reported to have large IDP and resident populations and those that have received a high number of IDP arrivals in the two months prior to the start of data collection. Collected primary data was further triangulated through available secondary sources.

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Source REACH Initiative
Date of Dataset Sep 12, 2018 - Sep 20, 2018
Expected Update Frequency Every three months
Methodology Sample Survey
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