URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/df68065d-704c-4556-b111-394df000cee4/resource/0432687f-c9ac-4af0-b894-65ee92105b10/download/rainy_seasons_detail_2000_2020_mean_back.csv

Indicates the start and end of the rainy season in Malawi from 2000 till 2020 per admin2. This historical dataset was produced as part of OCHA's Anticipatory Action pilot in Malawi. The rainy season onset is defined as First day of a period after 1 Nov with at least 40mm of rain over 10 days AND no 10 consecutive days with less than 2mm of total rain in the following 30 days. The rainy cessation as the last day before a 15-day period after 15 March with 25mm or less of rain. The rainy seasons are determined by using the CHIRPS dataset. CHIRPS is raster data, this raster data was aggregated to admin2 by taking the mean value across all raster cells within an admin2.

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