Global UNHAS Routes (WFP SDI-T - Logistics Database)

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Source WFP, Logistics Cluster
Date of Dataset October 14, 2014-October 14, 2014
Updated 12 May 2017
Expected Update Frequency Never
Methodology Registry
Caveats / Comments

Date: 2014-10-14 This is the metadata file that explains the attributes for the wld_trs_unhasroutes_wfp layer: UNHAS routes (UNHAS connection) Any attributes which are blank or '0' had no data entered at the time of realease. Please contribute by giving your inputs at or connect on

Category: Transportation Shape: Line

Schema and Attribute Details:

wld_trs_unhasroutes_wfp objectid integer NOT NULL: ArcGIS ID

"name" character varying(100): Route/Connection name

routetype character varying(25): Route type: Unknown, One Way, Round Trip, Helicopter, Upon Request

iso3_op character varying(25): List of ISO3 code (separated with a character '-' or ','). Use to quickly filter the data for the features of interest for 1 operation. 1 feature could be located in 1 country but be an asset for the operation of another country (for example an office delocalized for security reason in the neighbor country or a warehouse used for storage for several countries). Exceptionnally, it happens that the code do not refer to an iso3 code of a country but to the name of an operation (Ebola, Haiyan...)

wfpregion character varying(4): WFP Region of the feature (Calculated automatically from the geometry and the WFP presence layer): OMB, OMC, OMD, OMJ, OMN, OMP

status character varying(25): Route status: Unknown, Open, Closed, Planned, Upon Request

airdrop character varying(25): Is this route used for air drop?: Unknown, Yes, No

days_opera character varying(100): Schedule. List of days when the flights operate operatedby character varying(25): Operated by... UNHAS is not the only service provided to the humanitarian community. It could be a combinaison of 1, 2 or 3 names: Unknown, UNHAS, ASF

distancekm integer: Distance between the origin and the destination (in km)

traveltime character varying(25): Given travel time for this route. Text format in order to precise if the unit is in minutes, hours or days

lastcheckdate timestamp without time zone: Date of the last check of all (or a part) of the attributes. The date has to be specified manually during the edits

remarks character varying(1000): Notes/Description/Remarks - The user is free to enter any information that is necessary but cannot be stored in the others fields

source character varying(254): Source of the information. It could be the source of the geometry or the source of the main attributes. Several sources can be accepted for the same feature(list of names)

createdate timestamp without time zone: Date when the feature has been created. Calculated automatically at the database level while saving (commit) the edits.

updatedate timestamp without time zone: Date of the last update. Calculated automatically at the database level while saving (commit) the edits. Different of the lastcheckdate because the user can forget to specify the date manually or because sometimes we can do a quick edit (for example change the status or correct misspelling) without checking all attributes.

shape geometry: Geometry

File Format