DTM Ethiopia Village Assessment Jul20 R5

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/702af566-9df0-41bc-9b3b-b3907f8f632a/resource/2cddd026-a0fd-4d87-ba3d-afda90606f68/download/dtm-ethiopia-village-assessment-jul20-r5.xlsx

hrough the Site Assessment which was conducted from 1 June to 5 July 2020, DTM captured 1,820,811 IDPs (329,084 households) in 1,297 sites across the 11 regions of Ethiopia. The biggest causes of displacement were conflict which displaced 1,233,557 IDPs (68%), followed by drought which displaced 351,062 IDPs (19%), seasonal floods which displaced 104,696 IDPs (6%) and flash floods which displaced 50,093 IDPs (3%). VAS was carried out during the same period and covered 1,205 villages across 8 regions. A total of 1,400,892 returning IDPs, 10,603 IDPs, 11,595 returned migrants and 1,226,690 host community members were tracked through VAS.