UNHABITAT Socio-economic Classification of Affected Zones

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Source OCHA Lebanon
Date of Dataset August 31, 2020-August 31, 2020
Updated 31 August 2020
Expected Update Frequency As needed

Methodological note (UN-Habitat) Nabaa, categorized as all poor, was taken as the reference point and other areas were asssessed on a comparative basis.  Based on site observation, we validate the addition of the category "half poor half not poor" to represent middle class and mixed neighbourhoods.  All locations in the first quin-tile of the 498 disadvantaged areas were categorized as "all poor" and those in the second quin-tile as "majority poor".  Also accodring to the 498 localities, Achrafieh foncière (Syriac) was rated in the second quintile and ranked as 79, however we could not specifically locate it.  Achrafieh foncière area is very dynamic where one can find a diverse socio-economic urban fabric. Newly built high end buildings are adjacent to older vulnerable ones. Therefore the majority of the zones there were rated as half poor half not poor.

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