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  • ukraine-ps-contributions.csvCSV (237.3K)
    Updated: 17 June 2022

    CSV database of information collected by the OCHA/UNDP Connecting Business initiative (CBi) on cash and in-kind donations made by private sector entities (corporations and corporate-affiliated foundations) to help support the the humanitarian response in Ukraine.

    This data feeds into the Ukraine Private Sector Contributions Donations Tracker, available at

    Update notes

    [2022-06-17]: Added contributions from Netherlands National Postcode Lottery (+$66m); minor data clean-up

    [2022-06-15]: IOM updated 14 June (no changes); WFP updated 14 June (+$39m new contributions); SAP SE updated 15 June (breakdown of contributions); Adobe Inc. updated 15 June (+$1.5m new contributions)

Source OCHA/UNDP Connecting Business initiative (CBi)
Date of Dataset February 24, 2022-June 27, 2022
Updated 17 June 2022
Expected Update Frequency Every week
Methodology Direct Observational Data/Anecdotal Data
Caveats / Comments

Information contained in this dataset has been collected by the OCHA/UNDP Connecting Business initiative (CBi) team. CBi has made every effort possible to validate and cross-check this data, but we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, nor can we guarantee that we have captured all of the contributions of private sector entities. To report missing or mistaken data, please reach out to

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