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    Updated 16 January 2017 | Dataset date: May 01, 2010-May 31, 2010
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    The data coming from the census 2010 - used to develop this publication of infographics on population characteristics on each of Indonesia’s thirty-three provinces. The book is the result of cooperation between with BNPB and BPS and the United Nations agencies UNOCHA, UNFPA, WFP, and UNDP. UNFPA provided technical assistance in the preparation of the basic population indicators such as sex ratio, population density, main livelihood, and levels of literacy. In addition, this book also displays information regarding dependency ratio, fertility rates, life expectancy, and infant mortality rates included in the Population Projection 2010-2035. The results can be seen in this link: http://reliefweb.int/report/indonesia/indonesia-province-infographic-book-27-nov-2014 The datasets can also accessible in here: http://dibi.bnpb.go.id/profil-wilayah/11/aceh