Guinea - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

Source World Food Programme
Date of Dataset August 03, 2017-August 10, 2022
Updated 31 December 2021
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Data collected from WFP (World Food Programme) and cleaned and pcoded by OCHA and ITOS.

Conakry ADM4 shapefile prepared and P-coded by OCHA.

Caveats / Comments

The edge-matched layers are subject to the following potential limitations:

  • Where countries border each other, one or even both boundaries may be less accurate than the original, definitive boundaries. The UN Geospatial Hub boundary is generally of lower quality than the definitive COD-AB layers.

  • Peripheral polygon feature shapes and the relationship of their areas to those of their internal neighbouring features may be distorted, while internal features are untouched.

  • Peripheral polygon features may artificially appear to touch different, incorrect features belonging the same country.

  • *In theory, peripheral polygon features may be eliminated. This is monitored and will be specially treated if it occurs.

File Format