INFORM Honduras model

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    Updated: 12 September 2018

    INFORM Honduras is a municipal risk index that identifies risks, threats, vulnerabilities and response capacities in the 298 municipalities of Honduras. The municipal risk index simplifies information about crisis risk and is comprised of 35 indicators representing the three dimensions of risk: hazard and exposure, vulnerability, and lack of coping capacity.

Source Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), European Commission.
Date of Dataset March 28, 2018-March 28, 2018
Updated 10 March 2020
Expected Update Frequency Never

The INFORM model is based on risk concepts published in scientific literature and envisages three dimensions of risk: Hazards & Exposure, Vulnerability and Lack of Coping Capacity. The INFORM model is split into different levels to provide a quick overview of the underlying factors leading to humanitarian risk and builds up the picture of risk by 53 core indicators. open this link For more information on INFORM Model. For Honduras specific methodology document

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