IOM Bangladesh- Needs and Population Monitoring (NPM) Round 6 Site Assessment

  • XLSX NPM-R6-Site-Assessment-Dataset_2017-October.xlsx
    Updated: 17 April 2018

    Needs and Population Monitoring (NPM) Round 6. This assessment covers all locations hosting Rohingya population in Cox’s Bazar District in Bangladesh and present needs overview and population information as of 15 Oct. All information and findings are included in the attached products including the raw dataset for further reference and analysis.

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    Updated: 25 March 2018

    Zipped shapefile containing data from the Master List tab of the Excel file

Source Needs and Population Monitoring (NPM)
Date of Dataset October 15, 2017-October 15, 2017
Updated 17 April 2018
Expected Update Frequency Never
Methodology Direct Observational Data/Anecdotal Data
Caveats / Comments

A total of 28 Collective Sites and 99 Locations with dispersed setting in host communities were assessed between 30 September - 9 October 2017. Total of 794,658 Rohingyas were identified in Cox’s Bazar District. This figure has also taken into consideration additional figures collected on a daily basis through NPM Emergency Tracking – Flow Monitoring exercise up to 15 October 2017 and other relevant secondary data sources available. The finding estimates over 582,000 New Arrivals have arrived since 25 August 2017.

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