FAIR COVID-19 US County Forecast Dataset

This dataset is part of COVID-19 Pandemic
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    Updated: January 25, 2021

    High Spatial Resolution: The forecasts are currently available for all counties in the United States where sufficient public data is available. By sharing forecasts at a county-level, we protect individual privacy while empowering anyone viewing them to make informed decisions from the data.

    AI Expertise: We leverage a variety of AI techniques to produce robust predictions that can capture even rapid changes in a given area. Our adaptive models capture short-term trends and take into account correlations between districts.

    14-day Timeframe: The forecasts are forward-looking up to 14 days from each weekly update we make.

    Openness: We are sharing both the methodology and the projection data publicly and have. A research paper detailing the techniques we used to generate the forecasts.

    Read more on our blog post and microsite.

Source Facebook
Date of Dataset October 15, 2020-October 15, 2020
Updated January 25, 2021
Expected Update Frequency Every week

Paper on forecasting methodology

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