Bolivia administrative level 0-3 boundaries

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Source GeoBolivia: la Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
Date of Dataset Jan 29, 2019
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Downloaded from government sources.

Topology cleaned and features P-coded by OCHA

Caveats / Comments
  1. The GeoBolivia source files exclude major lakes and salt flats from the administrative features. This practice has been maintained in this COD-AB. Therefore, the shapefiles and geodatabase feature classes include an ‘extra’ administrative level 1 feature (‘Cuerpo de agua’ [BO00]), an ‘extra’ administrative level 2 feature (‘Cuerpo de agua’ [BO0000]), and five ‘extra’ administrative level 3 polygon features (‘Salar de Uyuni’ [BO00001], ‘Salar de Coipasa’ [BO00002], ‘Lago Uru Uru’ [BO00003], ‘Lago Titicaca’ [BO00004], and ‘Lago Poopo’ [BO00005]).

  2. The administrative level 0 and 1 KMZ files were converted from generalized (tolerance 0.001 degree) versions of the shapefiles because some polygons in the original shapefiles had more than 30,000 vertices. The shapefiles and geodatabase feature classes provided are the originals.