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Guinea ETCs Map
After clicking the link, click on map then click on the fields latitude and longitude to make map.
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Monitoring Trends in V...
In the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Small Arms Survey is pleased to announce a new series of reports...
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Humanitarian Needs Ove...
El mapa se contruyó a partir de la metodogía del HNO, en donde se refleja el resultado total de los clúster utilizando indicadores de...
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Humanitarian Snapshot ...
The long-running armed conflict in Colombia continues to cause forced displacement, landmine contamination, sexual violence and the...
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Infograma 2015
Este documento permite visualizar información sobre la situación humanitaria de Colombia en un periodo determinado, georeferenciada y...
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Infograma II Sem 2014
Este documento permite visualizar información sobre la situación humanitaria de Colombia, georeferenciada y representada mediante...
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Interactive 4W La Nina
Interactive visualization about the Who, What, Where and When Humanitarian Activities are taking place related to La Nina
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Liberia WASH 3W Visual...
Interactive visualization of the WASH 3W for Liberia (April 2015).
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Main Drinking water So...
This interactive visual shows the main source of drinking water per county in Kenya
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Mali: 2015/2016 Food S...
Food security situation per region and category.
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