Yemen IDP Interactive Dashboard: Areas of Impact & Proportion/Priority of Needs

Submitted by Mustafa Shakib Al-khameri

Yemen IDP interactive gives you the most updated spatial and attribute data visualization on IDP/Returnee influx with powerful interactive user-friendly analytics. It highlights Areas of Impact & Proportion/Priority of Needs at the district/site level which is of paramount significance in emergency & response planning across all sectors. Using this dashboard you can easily generate customized Gov. /District profiles based on the relevant filters; add new analytical dimensions based on Main needs, conflict, Displacement Dates, New IDP waves, and hazardous /seasonal risks. Data is updated from various sources; TFPM being the main source. Tips: Click to filter/Unfiltered, move mouse over circles/districts for summary, click legend for highlight.

  • Updated 7 December 2017 | Dataset date: October 08, 2017-October 08, 2017
    This dataset updates: Never
    The Task Force for Population Movement (TFPM) is a Technical Working Group to the Inter-Cluster Coordination Mechanism. (ICCM) The TFPM implements an information management tool that gathers data and location of displaced persons across Yemen. As of 01 Sep 2017, the TFPM has identified, 2,014,026 internally displaced persons (IDPs) (335,671 households) who have been displaced due to conflict since March 2015, dispersed across 21 governorates. For the same period, the TFPM has identified 956,076 returnees (159,346 households), across 20 governorates. As a result, 10.3% of the total population of Yemen has experienced the shock of displacement due to conflict in the last 30 months. The data collected is a compilation of data collection activities conducted through the period of May to August 2018. The data presents the best estimates of displacement and returnee movements in locations across Yemen.