Yemen Humanitarian Overview Interactive website

The interactive website of the Yemen 2018 Humanitarian Needs Overview is available at the link.

Most prominent features of the new platform include: interactive cluster and thematic dashboards which allow the reader to break down data on humanitarian needs in each cluster by Governorate, district and gender.

Maps on the severity of needs by district, displacement and returnee by district are also available in the resources section.

The 2018 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan and the section on the period response monitoring will be posted as soon as they become available.

  • Updated 16 June 2021 | Dataset date: February 22, 2021-December 31, 2021
    This dataset updates: Every year
    Yemen Population estimates for 2021 The data contains population estimates for 2021. The projections are based on 2004 Census data. The population figures are dis-aggregated by governorate and district levels, both containing p-codes. The data is further dis-aggregated by sex and age groups. The data approved for use by the Humanitarian Country Team and used in Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) for Yemen in 2021. These tables are suitable for database or GIS linkage to the Yemen - Administrative Boundaries boundaries. Intersectoral People in Need 2021 For the 2021 Humanitarian Needs Overview, Yemen applied the enhanced HPC approach and the corresponding IASC Joint Inter-sector Analysis Framework (JIAF) global guidance. More details in the methodology of the HNO 2021 in the below link. Cluster People in Need 2021 The data file contains people in need for 2021 per cluster. The data approved for use by the Humanitarian Country Team and it’s based on the Humanitarian Needs Overview for 2021 in Yemen. The tables are suitable for database or GIS linkages to the Yemen – Administrative Boundaries. The full Humanitarian Needs Overview available in the below link: