Yemen Administrative Map

  • Updated October 22, 2020 | Dataset date: Feb 1, 2019
    This dataset updates: As needed
    Administrative boundary datasets for levels 0, 1, 2 and 3 (international, governorate, district and sub-district) for Yemen approved for use by Humanitarian Country Team in October 2019. REFERENCE YEAR 2019 Vetting and live service provision by Information Technology Outreach Services (ITOS) with funding from USAID. Admin Level 1= Governorate = Mohafadha Admin Level 2 = District = Modeeriyyah Admin Level 3 = Sub-district = Ozlah PCODES are those used by Yemen Central Statistical Organization ( CSO ). "YE" is added as a prefix for the codes. Point layers are created by the calculating the centroids of the polygons.