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Summary for Individual countries - Turkey

  • Updated 29 June 2020 | Dataset date: January 01, 2018-December 31, 2018
    This dataset updates: Every year
    The health and survival of women and their new-born babies in low income countries is a key public health priority, but basic and consistent subnational data on the number of pregnancies to support decision making has been lacking. WorldPop integrates small area data on the distribution of women of childbearing age, age-specific fertility rates, still births and abortions to map the estimated distributions of pregnancies for each 1x1km grid square across all low and middle income countries. Further details on the methods can be found in Tatem et al and James et al.. Data for earlier dates is available directly from WorldPop. WorldPop ( - School of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Southampton). 2018. Turkey 1km Pregnancies. Version 1.0 2015 estimates of numbers of pregnancies per grid square, with national totals adjusted to match national estimates on numbers of pregnancies made by the Guttmacher Institute ( DOI: 10.5258/SOTON/WP00636