Peacekeeping Fatalities

You could filter the fatalities data by mission and/or by nationalities. If you wish to view the fatalities data of one or multiple mission(s)/nationality(ies), you could deselect the all the available options (by default) by clicking on the square left to '(All)', the first option listed under both Mission and Nationality filters. Click on the option windows to collapse the dropdown menu.

  • Updated 16 November 2021 | Dataset date: July 01, 1948-August 24, 2021
    This dataset updates: Every month
    This set includes data on fatalities in UN peacekeeping operations. It includes a unique casualty identifier, the incident date, the mission acronym, the type of casualty, the ISO code associated with the country of origin of the personnel, the relevant M49 DESA code, the type pf personnel involved, and the type of incident.