Nepal Earthquake Severity Index Visualization

Interactive visualization that allows for the filtering and exploration of the Index's dimensions.

  • Updated 28 August 2015 | Dataset date: April 30, 2015-April 30, 2015
    This dataset updates: Never
    The Nepal Earthquake Severity Index is designed to provide an overview of estimated severity of impacts resulting from the earthquake of 25 April 2015. It is not a replacement for first hand damage and needs assessment information, but can support prioritisation during early stages of the response. It estimates severity based on: 1) the intensity of the earthquake; 2) population; 3) vulnerability of housing and population. This index will be updated to take account of: validation against first hand reports and improvements to the severity model; improved sources of data (quality, timeliness and scale); changing requirements as the response continues. Version 2 is the latest version of the Index. Please see the Nepal Earthquake Severity Index (Version 4 - 30 April 2015) for more information