Indonesia - Central Sulawesi Earthquake

Submitted by OCHA Indonesia

Situation map of Central Sulawesi Earthquake

  • Updated October 30, 2018 | Dataset date: Sep 30, 2018
    This dataset updates: Never
    This datasets are extracted from the government sources. Levels 1-4 (Province to village) of Central Sulawesi areas where hit by M 7.4 RS Earthquake on 28 September 2018. Central Sulawesi administrative level 1 (province or special administrative area), 2 (Districts and Cities / Kabupaten and Kota), 3 ( Subdistricts / Kecamatan), and 4 (administrative Villages / Desa) boundary polygons. Each original resource with Indonesian field names and codes is accompanied by a version that appends standard field names and P-codes.