Food Security Report - South Sudan, Spring 2015

South Sudan Food Security Report - Spring 2015

Authors: Warren Chan, Kathleen O'Neill, Sabrina Herron, and Clara Keane

Drew University, Community Based Learning (CBL) Project

A summary report prepared on South Sudan, which expanded on the FEWS NET Outlook Brief for February 2015, also presented orally through a video. The report illustrates interesting ways to combine FEWS NET work with Population Explorer to provide demographic baselines. Four students volunteered a combined 25 hours to complete this work, which I think provides some interesting insights into: (1) how FEWS NET forecasts are interpreted by individuals from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, (2) how ecology and health tie closely to food security, (3) how information sources, such as OCHA, UNHCR, WHO, complement and reinforce FEWS NET findings, (4) and how demographic baselines from Population Explorer can help inform geographic comparisons of humanitarian needs.