DTM CAR Report

This report provides an overview of the displacement situation, access to services and multisectoral needs in localities hosting mobile populations in CAR (Internally Displaced Persons, Returnees (former IDPs) and Returnees from abroad). Data collection took place from November 15 to December 15, 2020, covering 1,521 localities in 10 prefectures. the DTM identified a global population of 1,556,450 mobile individuals, including 384,257 IDPs (78,532 households), 843,352 (168,605 households) returned internally and 328,841 (66,747 households) returned from abroad. In comparison to the displacement situation of September 2020 (DTM, round 10), a slight general decrease in the internally displaced population (-9%) was observed in favor of internal return movements (+ 6%) and returns since abroad (+ 4%).