Cameroon — Displacement Dashboard 20 (25 November — 6 December 2019)

This dashboard presents information on the displacement situation in the Far North Region of Cameroon. Data was collected between 25 November and 6 December 2019. The displaced population is estimated at 461,664 individuals (297,380 IDPs, 47,305 out of camp refugees and 116,979 returnees). 931 locations were assessed including 68 new villages.

  • Updated 21 June 2022 | Dataset date: November 10, 2015-February 16, 2022
    This dataset updates: Every six months
    The dataset contains IDPs, Returnees and Refugees at sub national level with information on IDPs in camps and host communities. IOM set up and rolled out the first round of the DTM in November 2015 with the objective of providing regular, accurate and updated information on displaced populations within the Far North region of Cameroon to better support the response of the Government of Cameroon and the humanitarian community.