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    Updated September 14, 2017 | Dataset date: Sep 6, 2017
    Dominican Republic boundary files. Información de la división territorial 2010 por regiones, provincias, municipios, distrito municipales, secciones y parajes; para la georreferenciación de base de datos y localización de comunidades. Contienen los elementos geográficos, y los atributos asociados a ellos de manera independiente. Éstos pueden ser visualizados, editados o convertidos a otros formatos. Gazetteer to be uploaded 2017 09 07.
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis administrative level 0 (nation) and 1 (parish) boundaries.
  • OCHA Haiti
    Updated September 8, 2017 | Dataset date: Mar 1, 2015
    Total population by gender, total population in different geographical units , number of households , area of different geographical units. Pcoded file includes: Estimates at administrative level 3 for: total population, male, female, over 18 yrs, no of households, area in km, density
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  • From GADM
  • OCHA Haiti
    Updated September 7, 2017 | Dataset date: Sep 6, 2017
    Administrative boundary, administrative level 0 (national), level 1 (department), level 2 (commune), and level 3 (section communale). Notice! The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on these shapefiles do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations. These shapefiles are fully compatible with the population statistics available on HDX. The administrative boundaries for levels 2 and 3 include the 'legacy' codes and names used previously.
    Updated September 6, 2017 | Dataset date: Jun 15, 2013
    Puerto Rico , Primary and Secondary Roads
    Updated September 6, 2017 | Dataset date: Sep 6, 2017
    Puerto Rico Admin 0 Admin 1
  • OCHA Haiti
    Updated September 6, 2016 | Dataset date: Feb 22, 2013
    Network road, digitized from the 2002 ortho-photo by the Centre National de l'Information Géo- Spatiale (CNIGS)
  • OCHA Haiti
    Updated August 19, 2016 | Dataset date: Jun 1, 2012
    Haiti Waters - Lakes
  • OCHA Haiti
    Updated August 17, 2016 | Dataset date: Mar 1, 2013
    Haiti Maritime Transportation - Ports Most updated datasets of the ports in Haiti generated by WFP.
  • OCHA Haiti
    Updated August 15, 2016 | Dataset date: Jan 1, 2008
    Haiti Waters - Rivers Rivers/Streams of Haiti. The first dataset produced by the CNIGS is the official one and was made available in 2008. The second river datasets cover Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Lines of river were digitized in 2011 from High resolution satellite Imagery by Open Street Map.
  • OCHA Haiti
    Updated November 25, 2015 | Dataset date: Mar 1, 2013
    Haiti Populated Places (Localités, Villages, Montagnes) The first dataset contains 10180 localities, place names all over Haiti. The second showcases a classification of the commune based on National Capital, chef-lieu by Department and chef lieu of Commune for 140 communes.