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    Updated 14 January 2020 | Dataset date: January 02, 2020-January 02, 2020
    This dataset updates: As needed
    République démocratique du Congo (RDC), Infrastructures, Mines et Fabrication Points + Lines + Polygons OSM Features Interactive Online Map - NOTE : WORK IN PROGRESS - Will be revised with the thematic variable describing more in detail group of facilities + adding Water facilities Thematic Variable = Infrastructures, Mining, Fabrication The file contains Industrial facilities, Mining, quarry, pipelines, Power lines and stations, communication towers and piers. The mkeys variable describes which OSM major keys are used to describe the facility. Variables : osmtype(node, way, relation) geomtype(point, line, polygone) , osm_id, lat, lon, thematic, mkeys (osm major keys), man_made, landuse, power, industrial, embankment, content, product, substance, location, name, operator, operator:type, private, address, addr:housenumber, addr:street, addr:city, building, building:levels, building:material, building:condition, building:status, note, layer, other_tags name, name:en, name:fr, operator, operator:type, natural, aerialway, aerodrome, aeroway, runway, taxiway, apron, helipad, heliport, iata, icao, public_transport, rail, railway, ref, route, network, station, service, shelter, harbor, bus, highway, bridge, tunnel, landuse, surface, building, building:levels, building:material, building:condition, building:status, building:min_level, address, addr:housenumber, addr:street, addr:city, layer, private, source_ref, source, source:name, source:date, source:data, source_ref:1, survey:date, timezone, toilets, type, voltage, weelchair, wikidata, wikipedia OSM Filter OSM features : thematic in ( 'Infrastructures, Mining, Fabrication');