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Last updated on 6 October 2021
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    Updated 27 September 2021 | Dataset date: August 15, 2018-October 21, 2021
    This dataset updates: Every year
    South Sudan administrative levels 0 (country), 1 (state), and 2 (county) boundary polygon, line, and point shapefiles and gazetteer; Abyei boundary polygon shapefile and live services. Vetting and live service provision by Information Technology Outreach Services (ITOS) with funding from USAID. This administrative boundaries Common Operational Database (COD-AB) was endorsed by the South Sudan Inter Cluster Coordinating Group (ICCG) and Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) on August 14, 2018. These boundary files are suitable for database or GIS linkage to the South Sudan - Subnational Population Statistics tables available on HDX. United Nations users are advised that the following caveats (in addition to the standard caveats) should be applied to maps of Sudan and South Sudan: English: Final boundary between the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan has not yet been determined. French: Le tracé définitif de la frontière entre la République du Soudan et la République du Soudan du Sud n’a pas encore été défini. Spanish: Las fronteras definitivas entre la República del Sudán y la República de Sudán del Sur no se han determinado todavía. Arabic: لم تتقرر بعد الحدود النهائية بين جمهورية السودان وجمهورية جنوب السودان. Chinese: 苏丹共和国和南苏丹共和国之间的最终边界尚未确定 Russian: Окончательная граница между Республикой Судан и Республикой Южный Судан до сих пор не определена. And for the Abyei region: English: Final status of the Abyei area is not yet determined. French: Le statut définitif de la zone d’Abyei n’est pas encore déterminé. Spanish: Todavía no se ha determinado el estatuto definitive de la zona de Abyei. Arabic: لم يتقرر بعد الوضع النهائي لمنطقة أبيي. Chinese: 阿卜耶伊地区的最终地位尚未确定 Russian: Окончательный статус Абьея до сих пор не определен.
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    Updated 12 November 2020 | Dataset date: November 03, 2020-October 21, 2021
    This dataset updates: Every year
    South Sudan administrative level 0-2 2021 population estimates. REFERENCE YEAR: 2021 12 November 2020 update: Adjustments due to field validations. total population estimate increased by 0.2% from 12,031,598 to 12,060,167 . This population statistics Common Operational Database (COD-PS) was endorsed the Government and South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics in November 2020. These tables are suitable for database or GIS link to the South Sudan - Subnational Administrative Boundaries.
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    Updated 6 March 2019 | Dataset date: February 16, 2016-February 16, 2016
    This dataset updates: Never
    Administrative boundaries (Level 1 - States), (Level 2 - Counties including disputed Abyei region) and Undetermined boundary lines. Digitised from Russian Topo maps 200k (1970). Also includes a list of Admin level 3 - Payams. Data source: South Sudan Inter Cluster Information Management Working Group (ICIWG), National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), and MapAction. PCodes and cleaned by MapAction, OCHA and ITOS.