OCHA Libya
Last updated on 28 July 2021
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  • Updated 28 July 2021 | Dataset date: July 28, 2021-August 01, 2021
    This dataset updates: As needed
    This shapefile is the Mantika point in Libya
  • 60+ Downloads
    Updated 5 July 2021 | Dataset date: September 20, 2020-September 20, 2020
    This dataset updates: As needed
    The dataset contains data on the total population in Libya aggregated by mantika (admin level 2).
  • 1100+ Downloads
    Updated 21 June 2021 | Dataset date: May 31, 2021-May 31, 2021
    This dataset updates: Every six months
    The Who does What Where is a core humanitarian dataset for coordination. This data contains operational presence of humanitarian partners in Libya.
  • 1100+ Downloads
    Updated 24 March 2021 | Dataset date: January 01, 2018-December 31, 2021
    This dataset updates: Every year
    This dataset contains the people in need by sector and mantika. The dataset is produced by the United Nations for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in collaboration with humanitarian partners.