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    Updated Live | Dataset date: January 01, 2003-January 01, 2003
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    This point dataset aggregrates Copernicus building damage data derived from post-event satellite imagery into a single dataset. Within the areas analysed, individual buildings are classified as damage/destroyed/none/possibly damaged. Separate datasets show the footprint of the areas analysed, and a hex grid analysis of building counts.
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    Updated 20 October 2016 | Dataset date: September 26, 2016-September 26, 2016
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    Affected wards, 10 October 2016 earthquake
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    Updated 2 March 2016 | Dataset date: February 26, 2016-February 26, 2016
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    General Information about the structure of this document This document contains the following four tab sheets: 'New Tikina Alphabetical', 'New TIKINA PCODE Hierachical', 'Old Tikina' and 'Settlements'. All tabs contain the Pcode information and population information. Contained within these PCODE products are: 1. A hierarchical coding for admin levels which consist of: a. Division (admin level 1) b. Province (admin level 2) c. Tikina (admin level 3) - these relate to the new consolidated Tikina as promoted by Fiji Bureau of Statistics d. Old or Traditional Tikina (admin level 4) – these are traditional boundaries. Formally this is not a Level 4 admin dataset, and there are some discrepancies between level 3 and level 4 boundaries. Settlement Pcodes – this dataset is a simple numerical list in alphabetical order of all known settlements. The settlement data are shown in their respective admin areas (Division/Province/Tikina with the PCODE numbers of those admin zones)
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    Updated 21 September 2016 | Dataset date: September 20, 2016-September 20, 2016
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    List of geodatasets collected for MapAction’s earthquake response deployment to Tanzania, 17/09/2016. These are intended for initial field mapping rather than being a comprehensive listing. Other datasets from the deployment will be published as they become available.
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    Updated 21 September 2016 | Dataset date: August 11, 2016-August 11, 2016
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    The following spreadsheet shows the data that was collected during the MapAction data scramble for Cape Verde. The primary focus was for data focusing on the island of Brava.