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    Updated 3 August 2017 | Dataset date: July 30, 2017-July 30, 2017
    This dataset updates: Every two weeks
    Published twice a month, the Master Lists are the backbone of the DTM in Iraq, and the foundation of the DTM’s monthly report. With the monthly reports, the DTM team releases an information package including various maps and dashboards. Figures published in the monthly DTM Report are also published online and can be accessed here IDPs Returnees Reports IDPs Returnees Reports.
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    Updated 20 June 2017 | Dataset date: June 20, 2017-June 20, 2017
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    Updated 19 February 2016 | Dataset date: July 01, 2014-January 28, 2016
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    Since May 2013, Nigeria has seen an intensification of conflict due to Boko Haram attacks in its north east states of Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba and Yobe. Insurgency and counter-insurgency have inevitably resulted in the displacement of people across the troubled states. In response to the need for accurate information on internally displaced persons (IDPs), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) began implementing the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) project in July 2014. The objective of the project is to support the Government of Nigeria in establishing a comprehensive system to collect and disseminate data on IDPs by strengthening the capacity of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the State Emergency Management Agencies (SEMAs) and other humanitarian actors to conduct assessments on IDPs in a unified and systematized manner. The activities of the DTM project, which consist of conducting baseline assessments and registration for IDPs living in camps and host communities, are currently being carried out in Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba and Yobe. The information collected will contribute to the provision of a comprehensive profile of the IDP population in Nigeria which will be shared with all relevant stakeholders and will contribute towards enabling the government of Nigeria and humanitarian partners identify the needs of Nigeria’s displaced population and develop interventions for providing IDPs necessary assistance. The project is funded by the Office of Disaster Assistance of the United States Agency for International Development and the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department.
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    Updated 1 February 2016 | Dataset date: January 02, 2014-January 20, 2016
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    The DTM continually tracks and monitors displacement across Iraq allowing IOM to identify the locations to which IDPs have chosen to settle. The location and population of these IDPs are recorded and further in-depth assessments are conducted to identify the multi-sectoral needs of the displaced. Displacement data are presented on interactive maps below. Using the tabs you can check location based Displacements of 2014 starting from Governorates, Districts to location level. Plus, Accumulative development of displacement month by month until today.
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    Updated 24 November 2015 | Dataset date: March 01, 2014-September 01, 2014
    This dataset updates: Every month
    The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) is an information management tool and IOM strives to inform all stakeholders on the whereabouts and the situation of the displaced population from the current crisis currently engulfing Iraq. The DTM provides critical tracking and monitoring information of displacement on as regular basis as the prevailing situation allows and to as wider an audience as possible. IOM uses a series of methods to regularly collect data on IDPs, making collections nearly every other week. The datasets in this repository span from March to September 2014. For more information, please visit IOM Iraq's DTM website.