• Himalayan Disaster Relief Volunteer Group

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    Our group is a network of volunteers who are based at the Yellow House in Sanepa, Nepal. We got together on Day 3 of the big Q (April 27) and have been working every day since. We meet regularly and evolve according to needs. Our three main focus of work has been: 1) Planned/targeted missions: 179 as of 11:11 am on May 14. For daily updates and to keep track of our 3 Ws regarding Relief Distribution - What, Where, When - please follow the link below. https://public.tableau.com/profile/publish/YellowHouseVolunteerGroupReliefOperationsv2/DashbHorizontal#!/publish-confirm 2) In order to coordination with other volunteer groups, bigger organizations and the government, we have been working closely with Kathmandu Living Lab's crowdsourcing platform - Quakemap.org 3) Hub for volunteers and anyone wanting to offer help. Yellow House has been a great spot to physically connect with, network and exchange ideas with like-minded folks. With that in mind, we launched our Initiative for Children on May 13. Artists, educators and counselors met in the evening. We will post updates regarding this initiative. Thanks for your continued support and keeping us in your thoughts.
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