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    Last updated on July 10, 2019
    ACAPS provides independent, high-quality, and timely humanitarian analysis to enable crisis responders to better understand and consequently to better address the needs of the affected population. As independent specialists in humanitarian needs analysis and assessment, we are not affiliated to the UN or any other organisation. This helps guarantee that the ACAPS analysis is objective and evidence-based. We provide various types of products: analysis of humanitarian crises severity and humanitarian access at the global level, forward-looking analysis, and crises reports. This analysis provides an evidence-based foundation for decision makers and humanitarian actors and may help them improve principled operational response and a better allocation of resources.
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    Updated July 10, 2019 | Dataset date: Jun 1, 2019-Jun 30, 2019
    This dataset updates: Every month
    The INFORM Global Crisis Severity Index (GCSI) is a regularly updated, and easily interpreted model for measuring the severity of humanitarian crisis globally. It is a composite index, which brings together 31 core indicators, organised in three dimensions: impact, conditions of affected people, and complexity. All the indicators are scored on a scale of 1 to 5. These scores are then aggregated into components, the three dimensions (Impact, Conditions, Complexity), and the overall severity category based on the analytical framework. The three dimensions have been weighted according to their contribution to severity: impact of the crisis (20%); conditions of affected people (50%); complexity (30%). The weightings are currently a best estimate and will be refined using expert analysis and statistical methods. Each crisis will fall into 1 of 5 categories based on their score ranging from very low to high. ACAPS – an INFORM technical partner – is responsible for collection, cleaning, analysis and input of data into the model and the production of the final results. Read more on the GCSI methodology here: https://www.acaps.org/methodology/severity