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  • Updated 13 July 2020 | Dataset date: September 15, 2021-September 15, 2021
    These datasets contain OpenStreetMap data related to the Refugee Response in northern Uganda. Data model coordinated with UNHCR. The source is surveys and mapping in northern Uganda performed by HOTOSM and partners. OpenStreetMap exports for use in GIS applications. This theme includes all OpenStreetMap features in this area matching: amenity IN ('water_point','drinking_water') OR emergency = 'water_tank' OR natural = 'spring' Features may have these attributes: man_made addr:village addr:county addr:subcounty name addr:place pump operator:type water_source fee natural amenity addr:point addr:block operator addr:parish addr:district addr:zone addr:settlement start_date lit emergency water operational_status This dataset is one of many OpenStreetMap exports on HDX. See the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team website for more information.
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