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  • Updated 8 December 2015 | Dataset date: October 31, 2014-July 31, 2015
    Maisha is VoicesAfrica’s online pan Africa study on lifestyle and viewpoints on various aspects of life. The research report covers the following information areas: Income and expenditure • If earn a personal income • Share of wallet • Whether overall expenditure has gone up, down, or remained the same compared to the previous year Values • Determinants of well being • Aspects that have made life better/worse • Threats to self and country Role models • Most admired personality • Part of the world/Africa that offers greatest inspiration and hope Africa unity • If would support the integration of all African countries Technology • Devices used • Device that has made life better/worse • Device that has had greatest influence in life Attitudes • Response to statements on politics, insecurity, family, religion, sports, patriotism, economy, corruption, health, relationships, among others
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