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  • Updated 10 May 2022 | Dataset date: October 22, 2021-April 01, 2022
    This data sets contains a shapefile with the building footprint of Wad Sherifey Refugee Settlement, Kassala, Sudan. Wad Sherifey is a refugee camp located in the East of Sudan along the Mareb River. During the past year refugees fleeing from conflict have arrived and settled in the area, partly within flood prone areas of the Mareb River. Already vulnerable and displaced, now additionally facing the risk of floods. Actors like the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and MFS manage projects in this region, and OSM data sets like this support the expansion of anticipatory action (acting before a disaster happens www.anticipation-hub.org/) to those most affected by conflict and climate. The area was selected for OSM mapping through a methodology to identify & prioritize high-risk and unmapped areas within a country for OSM mapping (StoryMap: https://arcg.is/1eqOXj) The data was collected through an HOT OSM task (https://tasks.hotosm.org/projects/11685), which was created in collaboration with MFS and led by the Netherland Red Cross’ Missing Maps Team. The task was completed (mapped & validated) in April 2022. The satellite imagery used for the mapping was from late August 2021 and provided by MFS.
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