Data Grid Completeness Expand
Affected People
2 Datasets
Coordination & Context
4 Datasets
Food Security & Nutrition
3 Datasets
Geography & Infrastructure
3 Datasets
Health & Education
3 Datasets
Population & Socio-economy
2 Datasets
What is Data Grid Completeness?
Data Grid Completeness defines a set of core data that are essential for preparedness and emergency response. For select countries, the HDX Team and trusted partners evaluate datasets available on HDX and add those meeting the definition of a core data category to the Data Grid Completeness board above. Please help us improve this feature by sending your feedback to hdx@un.org.
Presence, freshness, and quality of dataset
  • Dataset fully matches criteria and is up-to-date
  • Dataset partially matches criteria and/or is not up-to-date
  • No dataset found matching the criteria