State of Palestine

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  • Updated 16 July 2019 | Dataset date: January 01, 2018-January 01, 2018
    West Bank Separation Barrier, January 2018
    200+ Downloads
    This dataset updates: As needed
  • Updated 21 January 2019 | Dataset date: December 31, 2018-December 31, 2018
    Closures, Barriers in the occupied Palestinian territory.
    400+ Downloads
    This dataset updates: As needed
  • Updated Live | Dataset date: January 09, 2019-January 09, 2019
    This dataset shows the list of operating health facilities. Attributes included: Name,Nature of Facility, Activities, Lat, Long
    1300+ Downloads
    This dataset updates: Live
  • The urban indicators data available here are analyzed, compiled and published by UN-Habitat’s Global Urban Observatory which supports governments, local authorities and civil society organizations to develop urban indicators, data and statistics. Urban statistics are collected through household surveys and censuses conducted by national statistics authorities. Global Urban Observatory team analyses and compiles urban indicators statistics from surveys and censuses. Additionally, Local urban observatories collect, compile and analyze urban data for national policy development. Population statistics are produced by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, World Urbanization Prospects.
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    This dataset updates: Every year
  • Updated 10 August 2018 | Dataset date: January 01, 2015-January 01, 2015
    These data summarize the latest available WorldPop gridded population datasets into the administrative units of the common operational dataset (COD). Note that these data should not be considered the COD datasets for population unless endorsed by the humanitarian community in country, but rather as a starting point if no COD dataset is available, or as a point of comparison with other population datasets. These data are provided as a prototype and feedback is welcome at
    200+ Downloads
    This dataset updates: As needed
  • This map illustrates the extent of the snow cover caused by the storm "Huda" that moved through the Middle East region striking Lebanon, Jordan, and the West Bank from about 7-12 January. This analysis was based on satellite imagery collected by the MODIS sensor on the NASA Terra satellite on 12 January 2015. As seen in the imagery the snow has covered a very extensive part of the Lebanon and Syria. Due to cloud cover present on the imagery an extensive portion of the area of interest could not be analysed. This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR / UNOSAT.
    20+ Downloads
    This dataset updates: Never