Zimbabwe - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

Source Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT www.zimstat.co.zw) Central Statistics Office
Date of Dataset August 31, 2018
Updated November 26, 2020
Expected Update Frequency Every year

The following duplicate p-codes, which were inherited from the original Zimstat data, were corrected in the Administrative Boundary Level 3/Wards:

• 160621 to 160626

• 160114 to 160116

• 180420 to 180442

The following changes were made to the Administrative Boundary 2 layer, in order to align the data with the Census 2012 data:

-Hwangwe Urban has been given the code 1521 as it is separate from Hwange (1503) in the Census 2012 district data (as per IOM and Github data).

-Changed district code for Harare Rural to 1924 from 1921 to separate from Harare (1921), in order to match with census 2012 districts

-Added district code 1209 (Mvurwi town) in 1204 (Mazowe) , in order to match with census 2012 districts

UN OCHA ROSEA dissolved the Administrative Boundaries for Level 2, 1 and 0 from the cleaned Administrative Boundaries level 3 boundaries, to ensure nesting.

Caveats / Comments

The administrative level 0 (country) and 1 (province) KMZ files were made from generalized (tolerance 0.001 degree) shapefiles.

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