Andorra - Private Sector

  • CSV Private Sector Indicators for Andorra
    Updated: 27 September 2022

    HXLated csv containing Private Sector indicators

    Indicators: Agricultural raw materials exports, Agricultural raw materials imports, Commercial service exports, Commercial service imports, Computer, Export unit value index, Export value index, Export volume index, Food exports, Food imports, Fuel exports, Fuel imports, High-technology exports, ICT goods exports, ICT goods imports, Import value index, Import volume index, Insurance and financial services, International tourism, Manufactures exports, Manufactures imports, Merchandise exports, Merchandise imports, Merchandise trade, Net barter terms of trade index, Ores and metals exports, Ores and metals imports, Trade in services, Transport services, Travel services

  • CSV QuickCharts-Private Sector Indicators for Andorra
Source World Bank
Date of Dataset January 01, 1995-December 31, 2021
Updated 27 September 2022
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